14 Nov
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Blow Dry Like a Pro: For Straight Hair

With Xmas and summer coming up, it’s a great time to get your hair in great shape. With a few short practices and some of our helpful steps below, you will be able to Blow Dry your hair like a pro … I promise!

Step 1: Wash and towel dry

Wash your hair well and make sure that all your hair products have been completely removed. Conditioner can cause your hair to go limp. Towel dry your hair for around 1 to 2 minutes so that it is not dripping or saturated.

Step 2: Blow dry your roots

Turn your head upside down and blow dry the roots of your hair, until it is 70% dry for short hair or 80% dry for long hair. By blow drying your roots at this stage, it will provide you with volume and body. When blow drying, ensure that you are not holding the dryer to close to your hair as it will burn. Keep the dryer at a distance and you will feel what’s right for you.

Step 3: Products

Using a product is not always essential. But everyone’s hair is different and it is best to contact a hair dresser or hair product store that can provide professional advice.

Step 4: Parting your hair

Start by parting from where you would normally part your hair and combing your hair from your crown. Try to part your hair into 5 sections.

  • Left or right side from your part line
  • Middle top from your part line
  • Right or left side of your head
  • From the crown to the middle of your lower back of your head
  • From the middle of the back of your head to the bottom of the back of your head

The longer your hair is, the larger the brush you will need.

Step 5: Styling and straightening

Start and the bottom and divide your hair into sections, around an 2 cm’s each. Place you brush at the roots and blow hot air onto the roots towards a 90 degree angle and slowly draw the blow dryer downwards and roll the ends of you hair around the brush. Hold for a minute to allow for your hair to cool down. Follow this process for each section in the following order:

  • Lower back of your head
  • Crown area
  • Left side
  • Right side
  • Top area

Make sure you do not place the blow dryer on your hair or on your scalp, as it will burn you. Remember that a good cut will also assist in giving you a better result and finish when blow drying.

Blow dry your hair like a pro

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