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A Comparison Between Infrared And Traditional Sauna

A sauna, known to make people feel good also has impending health benefits for its regular users. Hence, it is quite reinvigorating to have a sauna bath and experience a healthy sweat essential in flushing out toxins in the body, improve cardiovascular performance, burn calories, enhance muscle relaxation and relieve aches and stress. Notably, saunas are common fixtures in health facilities that involve fitness centres, spas and some homes today. Yet, when it occurs to the choice of saunas, the options of both traditional and infrared ones have worked it difficult for people to choose the best because their uses are the same. Here is some info that can help you evaluate the best sauna to buy today.

Same health benefits in different ways

Although the benefits that infrared and traditional saunas offer to individuals are the same, it is notable that there is a divergence in how they make individuals achieve those benefits. As the manufacturers of infrared saunas claim, the resonant absorption of heat in them makes it easy for one to achieve the aforementioned benefits. On the other hand, the fact that traditional saunas utilize steam heat to make users achieve the benefits implies that there is no promise of resonant heat absorption.

Energy consumption

In terms of energy consumption, an infrared sauna is the best as compared to traditional one and hence if you are overly concerned with your utility bills you should root for it. Even so, the duration of use as well as the size of the sauna impact on the energy expenditure by each sauna. Hence, although the difference might be minimal there is a more likelihood that you will make a wise choice when making a purchase.


When it comes to operating temperatures, infrared saunas utilize lower temperatures while traditional ones use high temperatures. As it seems, the conditions in an infrared sauna are milder and tolerable and hence can be the best. Aside, the traditional sauna environment is a little bit harsh because of the extreme heat and water vapor that originate from hot water being poured on the rocks.

Socialization effect

Socialization has always made a sauna quite inviting and for those individuals seeking privacy, infrared saunas seems the way to go, especially with issues of proximity to emitters and enjoyment of other amenities. On the side, traditional saunas work well with families because they are often larger in size and even allowing for conversations and parties to take place.

Operation and maintenance

As it seems, infrared sauna requires absolutely no plumbing work as compared to traditional saunas. The reason is that with small residential saunas, the amount of water that pools on the floor are little and can easily be removed through swabbing. On the other hand, with traditional sauna water is poured to hot rocks to produce the much needed therapeutic vapor that is necessary some of which never evaporate naturally and demanding plumbing work.

Thus, it is important to make a wise choice when buying a sauna after thorough research, inquiries and doctor recommendation in order to achieve your wellness goals. However, the truth is that the sauna that you will use the most will be the best for you and hence making the infrared one quite inviting because of less maintenance, less energy bills, heating convenience and the privacy that you deserve.

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