27 Apr
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The Back to Front Dress

A few weeks back I found myself aimlessly surfing. Something I don’t often have time to do, but the football was on tv – and well, to be honest it’s not my favourite thing to watch. Glass of wine in hand, clicking away madly on pinterest, I stumbled across a few DIY Fashion articles and a great inspirational blog a pair & a spare.

Memories came flooding back to me. Memories of countless hours spent drawing clothes and trying to sew in my teenage years. I promptly dug out the sewing machine from the back of the linen cupboard and vowed to make a new item of clothing every month.┬áPreferably┬áre-cycled (from a second hand store, or hand me down). For a few reasons…1) It’s already partly made, so less effort required. 2) I won’t mind too much if I make a mess of it. 3) Something hideous can potentially become cool, what better reason could there be.

I must say I am no expert, I remember how to hook up the sewing machine and that’s about the extent of my knowledge. I am also impatient, so anything that takes too much time will probably deter me from the outset.

I found this dress at a local St Vinnie’s store, paid $10 for it and got to work. This is how I did it…

  1. Tried the dress on, back to front
  2. Pulled the sides in about an inch on each side, and stitched up
  3. Tried on again, the front sat a little strange around my arms so I put a couple of small darts around the chest section
  4. Folded the back of the dress down into a “V” shape and stitched up
  5. Cut about 15cm off the bottom of the dress and hemmed

That’s it, the back to front dress complete! Pretty easy really. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more dresses to try this one again.


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